• Now we are delivering only in Hyderabad, Warangal, Khamma, Vijaywada. Delivery to other Indian cities will be started soon.

We take orders from 2 days to 4 Months in advance.

We delivery between 9:00 Am to 9:00 Pm on your delivery date.

  • Flowers stay fresh Upto 3 days if Stored properly
  • Jasmine blooms faster compared to other flowers
  • Rose, Orchid & Carnations stay fresh for longer time
  • Sugandaraja, Pink, Peach & Yellow Rose edges get black due to Moisture, that is normal
  • Blue Orchid is a natural flower colored with artificial dye which does not stick to clothes unless there is excess Humidity.
  • Best: After receiving the flowers store them in Refrigerator (Where fruits and flowers are stored) not in Freezer (Where Ice is made). Flowers can be fresh upto 3 days if refrigerated under 3 – 10 Degree C
  • 2nd Best: Keep it in A/c Room
  • 3rd Best: If neither Refrigerator nor A/c is available. Pl Spray/Sprinkle some cold water on Flowers & keep it in shade in open area with good ventilation
    • NOTE: Never keep flowers in direct sunlight or near any other source of excessive heat.
    • All flowers benefit from a daily mist of water.